The Equation

Do you want to achieve a fitness goal? If so, then that means you want some form of adaptation. I don’t like math, I took Pre-Algebra twice. But, just like those wretched equations that I had to deal with in middle school, there is an equation that you need to understand if you want to … Continue reading The Equation



You’ve got goals, and that’s awesome. Commit today to not stopping until you reach your goals, but understand that there will be failures and missteps along the way. It’s part of the process. We so often make resolutions, whether they are New Years resolutions or new week resolutions. Then, when we slip, we think “I’ve … Continue reading COMMITMENT>PERFECTION

There is a Middle Ground

Food prep isn’t something that everyone has the luxury of doing on a regular basis. Maybe you do have the time and ability to do that, and if so, that’s awesome, and there are ways to do it efficiently. But if not, you have two primary options: 1. Eat whatever happens to be closest and … Continue reading There is a Middle Ground


I’d like to highlight something for you. Can you guess which of these posts about ginger water I like? Right. The “Medical Medium” one that doesn’t have the picture. Why? Because it gives practical info on some things ginger water can help some people with, and it goes into some detail on it. It doesn’t … Continue reading IDENTIFYING GOOD VS GARBAGE FITNESS ADVICE