Think Functional, Not Fancy

Depending on who you know, follow, and listen to, you may feel the pressure to eat a certain way. You may think that, in order to eat healthy, you need to go organic, vegan, Paleo, Keto,…whatever pops up in your feeds the most. But, the hard truth is that we sometimes use these things as … Continue reading Think Functional, Not Fancy


Strength Training for Fat Loss

Maybe you almost passed over this post because you associate strength training (lifting weights, bodyweight workouts, anything with resistance) with bulking up, and that's the opposite of what you're shooting for right now. Thanks for being open-minded and giving it a read. You’ve probably heard that if you want to exercise for fat-loss, then you … Continue reading Strength Training for Fat Loss

How to “Get Fit”

Read fitness magazines and websites, and you can easily feel like it will be years before you understand it all. But the truth is, the vast majority of your results will come from just a tiny portion of the knowledge. That’s because, like everything else in life, there are a few core principles of fitness. … Continue reading How to “Get Fit”

Why Calories Are Important and What to Do About It

Calories. It’s one of those words that people fling around like used tissues.  "Orange juice is bad because it has a lot of calories." "Diet sodas are a great option. ZERO CALORIES BABY!"  But why are they important when it comes to fitness, anyway? I mean, we know they are, but why? Here is the … Continue reading Why Calories Are Important and What to Do About It

Myth-Crushing 1: Low-Carb Dieting 

I’m realizing from the questions I receive that there are some myths out there that need to be absolutely destroyed before people can get them out of their heads and get a solid plan to move forward in their fitness journeys. “Low-Carb Dieting” is one such topic. Hang on, let me climb in my wrecking … Continue reading Myth-Crushing 1: Low-Carb Dieting 

Explaining the Gospel to People Who Still Occasionally Pee Their Pants 

I've been thinking a lot about sharing Jesus with little kids, mostly because there's a really cute  one sprinting around our home. It's a strange thing to try and share a message about sin, God's love, and how He expressed it in Jesus to a child that's still struggling with the potty and fighting bedtime.  … Continue reading Explaining the Gospel to People Who Still Occasionally Pee Their Pants