Protein Shakes: What’s the purpose, should you use them, and how do you choose a good one?

What’s the purpose? If you believe the ads for protein shakes, they are on par with anabolic steroids and will get you looking ready to wrestle for the WWE championship just by drinking them after (and maybe before and during) your workouts. Listen, protein shakes are helpful; I use them several days each week. But, … Continue reading Protein Shakes: What’s the purpose, should you use them, and how do you choose a good one?



I’ve been throwing out fitness advice willy-nilly without a clear focus to those reading. Crossfit has “functional fitness,” Tony Horton has “muscle confusion.” I want to give a little clarity to how I organize my fitness info, even if I haven’t shared it thus far. Everything I put out, everything I do with my clients, … Continue reading KCI

My Fitness Coaching Manifesto

I want to live in a world where fitness is not equated with a person’s identity, but with their ability. Where foods aren’t called “good” and “bad,” but “often,” “occasional,” and “sometimes.” Where the scale doesn’t win the award for best measure of progress. I believe that the single most important thing a person can … Continue reading My Fitness Coaching Manifesto

Fasting and Muscle Loss

Fasting doesn’t seem like it’d be the most effective means of gaining or maintaining muscle. Let’s talk about that. First off, how often you eat isn’t nearly as important as what and how much you eat. There are some benefits of eating protein every few hours, but not doing so isn’t going to kill your … Continue reading Fasting and Muscle Loss

Fasting and “Starvation Mode”

People sometimes think that fasting will make them go into “starvation mode,” and that, when they eat again, their bodies will gobble up every single calorie and store it as fat. Well, this depends on how long you fast, but it isn’t really true, and isn’t true at all when it comes to the intermittent … Continue reading Fasting and “Starvation Mode”

The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

I have to admit, when I first heard of people fasting for fitness-related reasons, especially weight-loss, I thought it was a horrible idea. That's because I know that lifestyle change and sustainable habits are the best strategies for long term fitness. But, I eventually had to face the fact that there are exceptions to that. … Continue reading The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting