The Plan

A lot of fitness coaches and personal trainers sell their knowledge. What I like to do, though, is give that part away.

Don’t get me wrong. If I am your coach, I can write you an exemplary workout program, customized to you and your specific situation and preferences, in a way that I can’t just throw out to the masses, and I will help you get your form right on your exercises.

But what I’ve learned is that the real value for most people is in me actually coaching them and caring about them. Checking in with them on specific things going on. Correcting their form on exercises. Being that person, that thing in their lives, that keeps fitness at the forefront. That encourages them to stick with it and helps them find ways to do so when life changes and presents new challenges.

What this realization has done is allow me to write and record all the knowledge and content stuff and just put it out for all to get and for no cost. To equip people with solid information that can help them. I mean, it’s what I like doing anyway.

Then, if those people ever decide they could benefit from having a coach, I come to mind. Not because I had super clever marketing images of myself in flames while I did a bench press like the burning bush, repping out but never burning up, but because I made stuff that helped them and answered their questions when they asked.

If you’re not my client, I want to give you quality information and help you make fitness part of your life. If you are my client, I want to be excellent at creating effective programs that work for you where you are, and I want to be excellent at helping you stick to them and adjusting them as needed until you reach your goals. That’s it.


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