How to be a decent person at the gym

Regardless of whether you’re new to the gym or are a veteran who needs a reminder, here are ten laws to follow at the gym if you want people to like it when you show up.

1. Stay in the right zone for what you’re doing – If you are doing push-ups, don’t do them in the weights area. Basically, just check to see if what you are about to do is going to block access to anything.

2. Avoid walking in front of someone when they are performing an exercise – People use mirrors to watch their form (and sometimes just themselves). It can also be really distracting when you’re trying to focus for someone to dart in front of you. Or worse, start doing their own exercise between you and the mirror.

3. Always return any equipment to where it belongs. – This keeps it easy for both those working out and those working for a check.

4. If your gym has the materials to do so, always wipe down benches after use – Nobody, that I know at least, wants to lay in another person’s sweat.

5. Respect the headphones – If you see someone with them in, they probably want to get through their workout and leave, not talk about Disney’s plans for the next Star Wars film (though I’d be tempted).

6. Share equipment if you can – If you are taking breaks and someone wants to “work in,” that means they’re asking if they can perform a set while you rest. It’s just nice to let them.

7. Try not to drop your weights – It happens, but don’t turn all the heads in the gym on purpose.

8. Don’t be greedy – Don’t be the one who sits on a bench looking at your phone for 10 minutes or tries to mark a piece of equipment with your water bottle while you go do something else.

9. Be clean – Sweat is natural. Not using deodorant is a little too natural.

10. Be a hero– If you see someone who obviously selected too high a weight and is struggling, save their life. Trust me, it will happen to you at some point.

Bonus: don’t put your stuff on things people use. Benches. Weights. Anything. Just don’t.

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