How to Get Pumped For Your Workout

  • Think about where you want to be (down 50 pounds, etc), but also think about one thing you’d like to do when you reach your goal that you wouldn’t want to or couldn’t do now. Let continuing to progress toward that be a motivator.
  • I don’t know about you, but the right music at the right time can really change my outlook and my mood; down to how motivated I am to workout. I’ve got some suggestions on this if you’re interested, although our tastes may differ.
  • Sometimes, knowing someone is coming for you can make you push harder. Maybe you challenge a friend to a wrestling match (David England), set a certain time a few months from now to see which of you can lift the most weight, do the most reps, or run the fastest time. Think of the Rocky training montages as you workout (although for me, with a different soundtrack).
  • A video can have a similar effect to an awesome workout song, but the imagery of it can help even more. I personally like a few hero shows, and the intensity with which those guys workout can snap me out of my daze pretty quickly.
  • Caffeine has been proven to boost workout performance, focus, and mental faculties. You don’t like it? I doubt you like Nyquil either, but you take it when youre sick, right? DRINK THAT COFFEE (or just try cheap caffeine pills).

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