“How Do You Eat That!?” Responding to Real Life Fitness Situations 7-6-18

I am the only person at my house who eats leftovers from restaurants, and who eats leftovers from home-cooked meals that are over two days old. This is a good thing for me. As a result, I often take random assortments of food to work for lunch.

Sometimes, these foods are not what people would think of as “clean,” and this often elicits reactions from my co-workers like 😱😦, “Oh my goodness!” and “ How do you eat that and look like you are in shape!?”

This, combined with the way I see people discuss their food on social media and in conversations I have, has made exceedingly clear to me that one of people’s biggest issues when it comes to fitness is the way they view their food.

For them, what and how to eat to reach their fitness goals is shrouded in mystery dust and is shaped by the person or media outlet in their lives with the loudest voice.

I know that some people eat diets that are entirely made up of whole foods. That is impressive, and is the ideal diet. But for the rest of us commoners, this discussion needs to happen.

So what’s the reason that I can “eat that😦!!???”

It isn’t because I have “great genetics.” I know this because I have intentionally eaten more calories than I need in order to break through strength plateaus, and plenty of body fat comes with it.

It isn’t because I eat superfoods, do detoxes, starve myself the rest of the day, or wrap my torso in things.

The reason that I can eat what I want and still be healthy and continually improve my fitness level is because I know how to manage my calories and nutrition. I make all of my staples whole foods that provide my body with health benefits rather than health risks. This leaves me room to eat what I want as it shows up in this unpredicatable life we live. I don’t sweat when someone brings doughnuts to work or get discouraged when pizza is the only food I’ll have access to for hours.

I want you to understand two things: you need to eat fewer calories than you burn in order to lose weight, and you need to get MOST of those calories from nutritious foods.

So, set a number of calories to eat, pick foods you like that will fit within that, and just keep doing it for a while. You will see results or your money back for this post.

And if you need help with this, message me. I’m happy to help. Connect with me on Facebook!


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