Responding to real life fitness situations 6/18/18

Responding to real life fitness situations 6/18/18:

I know a lady who does the Keto diet. I should say, rather, that she IS the Keto diet, because her level of devotion must have an agenda. When we get free fruit trays for people’s birthdays, she says “where is the meat and cheese!?” Ma’am, I also love meat and cheese, but this is FREE.

I want to take this opportunity to point out the fact that these diets can be absolutely awesome for people, but that it depends one hundred percent on the individual. You see, one of the main reasons that people follow a ketogenic diet is for fat loss. Ketosis is the process by which your body uses it’s fat stores for energy in the absence of carbs. But, in order for your body to NEED to pull this energy, it has to be IN NEED. If you are in a calorie surplus, it doesn’t matter if you are eating high-carb, high-fat, or high-Talenti because your body is in a surplus. It has an excess.

Although this applies to any diet, let’s stay focused on Keto for simplicity’s sake. Let’s look at two people as case studies:

Kathy is known for her soda pop lifestyle. She drinks 3 Coka-Cola Classics a day. Although she is known for that, she also loves healthy foods such as potatoes and fruits of all kinds. She eats meat and other things as well, but soda, fruit, and potato products take up a high percentage of her calories each day.

Rick sticks to water for his beverages so he doesn’t take calories away from his precious meat sources. He has large portions of meat for every meal, high grocery bills, and smiles. He snacks on cashews and peanuts when he watches TV.

Kathy and Rick work in the same office, and their company has hired a nutritionist to speak with their employees in an effort to cut down on insurance pre…I mean take care of their employees. This nutritionist is all about Keto, and Kathy and Rick are both sold on it. Who do you think this will help lose weight?

Kathy, indeed, because the majority of her calories are coming from carbs, and Keto is a low-carb diet. It cuts her calories by default. Rick, however, won’t notice a lot of change because his diet is already very high in fat and protein and low in carbs.

I hope this helps put into perspective why diets like Keto work so well for some and not for others.

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