Don’t make the kid fall

Think of your metabolism like a kid you’re trying to teach to walk. You don’t take them out in the street, walk to the next block, and say “walk these two blocks to daddy!”

You start with inches, and you go from there.

If you’re trying to lose weight, don’t suddenly drop to eating 1000 calories a day. First, see what you’re eating on average by tracking. Then, decrease it by 15-20% and adjust down slowly from there. Sudden drops in calories that you maintain for long periods of time can significantly slow your metabolism, especially when you drop very low.

Then, when you hit a comfortable weight and want to start eating more, don’t just go back to eating whatever you want. Go up in increments of 100 to nurse your metabolism back to health.

Don’t make the kid walk two blocks. It will fall and cry.

Message me with your fitness questions, I’m happy to help.


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