Don’t Be Friends With Ego

I want to introduce you to a guy named Ego.

Ego is kind of the worst friend you can have. He’s one of these guys that people post about as “toxic”. Ego makes friends with people, shows up sporadically when he feels like it, and then encourages them to do things that are not good for them or for others. Let’s look at a case study of someone who made friends with Ego:

Rick had just decided to get back into the gym. He played football in high school and used weights, but that’d been 25+ years ago. Rick had decided to not really challenge himself with heavy weight until he ensured that his form and technique were in line.

He walked into the gym on day 1: bench day. He approached the bench, set up, and started pressing with just the bar. He set up his phone, recorded his lift, and played the video back. Better than he thought! He watched a few more videos on proper bench press form, and while he was comparing those videos to his own lift, Ego made an appearance. He told Rick that this was an “impeccable lift” and that he was probably ready to jump to about 85 percent of the weight he could bench press in high school.

Convinced by his “friend,” Rick decided that his form was probably pretty good and that he was stronger than he thought, so he loaded those heavy weights. He didn’t even finish his warmup. His form was definitely not good, and he was not stronger than he thought. Now Rick is dead.

Don’t be friends with Ego.

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