Are Your Fears Justified?

Our fears are so often irrational. We think about our fitness goals, and they seem so daunting. So far away. So unachievable. But we don’t really know why.

You can attain these goals, and the first thing that you need to do is banish your fear. We sometimes don’t realize that it’s fear holding us back because it likes to hide behind other things. It can be a fear of rejection, of failure, of loss of comfort, anything really. But we rarely pause to analyze that fear.

I received an email from Jon Goodman (fitness coach trainer, not actor) that stated the way to banish your fear is to “think of the worst case scenario that could result from you taking action.” More likely than not, that worst case scenario isn’t that bad. Like an animal trying to fend off attackers, fear has a way of making itself seem bigger than it is.

Try this: Think of your fitness goal. Now, think of one step that you could take today to begin progressing toward it. Maybe it’s cutting out sodas, signing up for the gym, or reaching out to someone for some guidance. Finally, think of the worst thing that could happen to you if you tried this. Would you still be alive? Would you be in a worse situation than you are now? So, you may miss your soda, you may get a funny look at the gym from some dude peacocking in a tank-top, or the person you reach out to misses your call and doesn’t get back to you. Even if these things happened, do they really amount to the level of fear that holds you back? Probably not.

So, think of your action step, think of the worst thing that could happen if you tried it, and move forward in confidence!

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