Push Toward the Big Goal, Celebrate the Small Ones

Those of us who are trying to reach a fitness goal are often insanely hard on ourselves. We get way too bummed when we mess up, and we don’t celebrate our successes because we feel like they don’t counterbalance our failures.

But successes need to be celebrated. We need to realize that getting only one out of our three prescribed workouts done (or even just the warmup) is still better than the zero we did the week before. That being a little more conscious of what we ate today is a step in the right direction, even if we didn’t count every calorie.

There is such a thing as pushing toward a big goal while celebrating the small milestones along the way. You can be tough on yourself to whatever extent you need, but please, don’t feel like a failure. A slow ship is still a moving ship, and it will arrive at its destination. Don’t quit!

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