Why This Time Will Be Different

I wanted to start this fitness coaching thing for a long time. I was passionate about it and good at it, but I put it off for a good while because I just didn’t think I had the time or resources to do it well. I emailed a guy I trust on things like this asking what career field he thought it wise to get into, and he asked me “What happened to the personal training thing?” I answered with what I thought were good reasons. He told me that those weren’t good reasons, in fact, and that my real problem was that I didn’t believe I could do it. That broke something in me. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and since that moment, I haven’t looked back. Somehow, him bringing to my attention that the only thing holding me back was myself smashed a barrier in my mind.

Let this do the same for you: I know your secret; you don’t start because you think you won’t succeed. But you absolutely will. Only a few things in life that are good happen quickly, and reaching a fitness goal definitely is not one of them. Ignore the scammers who advertise quick fixes and accept the reality that this takes a while. Arm yourself with the right information, surround yourself with the right people, and settle in for the long game. It’s not easy. It’s not quick. But it is worth it. You will do this.

Along the way, things will happen. Your co-worker will definitely bring in her special red velvet, and you will give up on hitting your calories faster than Luke lost an arm. You will be exhausted one day (or a few), skip the gym, and make excuses for why you did that. None of this means you won’t reach your goal. You will (see a theme?) It just means you messed up this time. If you make a mistake at work, do you quit your job? No, because you need to pay your rent. Well, you need your health, too. Don’t quit or put it off. You will do this.

And if you have questions or need help, I am happy to assist.

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