What Are Our Real Goals?

We usually say that our weight loss goals are something like “Lose __ number of pounds.” I believe that we say this because our society has conditioned us to care far too much about the number on the scale. But when we dig a little deeper, we don’t really want to lose weight for its own sake, nor should we. Our true reasons usually fall under these categories:

1. Health: We want to feel better. We want some of the problems associated with carrying some extra pounds to go away.

2. Ability: We want to be able to do things that we used to do the same way we used to do them, or to be able to try new things that we haven’t yet done.

3. Confidence: We want to be pleased, happy, and comfortable when we look in the mirror, go to a certain place, or are around certain people.

4. Beliefs: We believe our bodies are made for something, and we want our lives to reflect on the outside what we believe on the inside.

Take a minute today to write out your “whys.” Then, when you think about your fitness goals, think about those things, not weight loss for its own sake.

This might just change where you want to end up, and how you choose to get there.

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