What foods should I eat most?

A lot of people think that living a fitness lifestyle means eating a bunch of foods they hate; enduring a grueling trial in order to reach their goals. This is one time I’m sure they’ll be happy to be wrong.

I harp a lot on being able to eat whatever foods you want, just assigning them to the right “frequency.”

If you can get about 80 percent or your diet from foods that provide good nutrition, then you can “spend” the other 20 on whatever you’d like. You can both lose fat and build muscle with this strategy if you have your numbers right.

But does that 80% need to be nothing but chicken, rice, and broccoli? Only if your mouth started watering when you read that. Focusing your 80% on nutritious foods you truly enjoy will greatly increase your willingness to adhere to your plan.

Don’t make this a miserable experience. Make it the new norm. Like it or not, we’re selfish creatures. Whether or not you like what you’re eating really does make a huge difference. I’m not saying don’t try new things. I AM saying follow the guidelines but make them your own.


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