Is ______ a bad food?

I’ve shared before about the power of words and how we should stop calling foods “good” or “bad,” and start using terms of frequency.

Calling foods you like “bad” means you’ve failed when you indulge in them. Life sends us enough opportunities to be discouraged. Stop building more of those into your life.

There’s a reason I use doughnuts as my bullet points on social media. I love them, and I have them sometimes. Not every day, but I do eat them, and sometimes when I have them, I have more than one.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Assign foods to the right frequency, and have them accordingly!

Some people do struggle with moderation and do better when they cut out certain things completely. If that’s the case for you, then do it! But do it because you know yourself and your unique gifts and limitations, not because the food is “bad.”

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