The Most Important Thing Regarding Your Fitness Journey

Do you want to know the absolute worst thing that you can do when it comes to your fitness journey? Give up because of slow progress. Did you binge-eat 12 doughnuts? That’s fixable. So is missing your workouts for a month, putting on a few pounds during the holidays, not getting enough rest, and just about anything else that you can think of.

But when it’s February 1st, you’ve done nothing fitness-wise that you planned for the entire month, and you get discouraged or even depressed and quit, well, that’s tragic. It’s tragic because you just put the brakes on a train that was just starting to move. It’s tragic because no one can help you now because you won’t let them.

So, when things aren’t going the way you thought, you can either give up and halt everything, or you can celebrate the fact that you are conscious of it, understand that that is progress, and reach for whatever the next step is, no matter how small.

Because progress is progress, regardless of how fast or slow. Each step, no matter how much ground it covers, still gets you closer to your destination.

Now, promise me you won’t give up just get it out of your mind even as an option, and let’s do this!


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