I’ve been throwing out fitness advice willy-nilly without a clear focus to those reading. Crossfit has “functional fitness,” Tony Horton has “muscle confusion.” I want to give a little clarity to how I organize my fitness info, even if I haven’t shared it thus far.

Everything I put out, everything I do with my clients, falls under one of three categories. These are the pillars of my training model and of my content, and they are what people need to be successful in their fitness journeys. They are:

1. Knowledge: A person needs to know not just what works scientifically (a task in itself because of all of the conflicting information out there), but also what works for them. They need a plan that takes into account their likes and dislikes, physical and financial limitations, history of injuries, mentality, and so on. They need something that works and that they can stick to. This is different for every person. It has to do with mindset, workouts, diet, and rest.

2. Consistency: A person must not only know the right things to do, but they must be able to do them repeatedly and patiently until they reach their goals. This is where many need the most help, with just showing up over and over to effect change.

3. Intensity: Gyms all over the world are packed with people who already have fitness ingrained in their lives, but who never strive to improve. These people already have at least some knowledge, and they have consistency, but they are stuck. That’s fine for people who want it that way, but I find that most people want to improve but aren’t sure how. They need to always reach for what’s next, even if it’s a small step up.

I have yet to think of anything fitness related that does not fall cleanly under one of these categories. I make sure this is covered in my training programs, but I’ll try and balance a bit more with my content here. I usually focus on knowledge here, which makes sense, but I will try to add a bit of the rest.


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