Why to Drink Water, and How Much

You know you’re supposed to get enough water, but do you know why? It’s for so much more than just “staying hydrated.”

Trying to lift weights without enough water in your system? You won’t be as strong.

Want a healthy heart? Not having enough water makes your blood thicker and puts more stress on your heart as it pumps blood around.

Have joint pain? Not having enough water robs your joints of the lubrication they need and makes things worse.

Having enough water has to do with how sharp your brain is, how well your food is digested, how well your body naturally detoxifies itself, and more.

You need to drink enough water. What is enough? Well, there are a lot of factors, including the climate in which you live and your activity level, but ¾ of a gallon is the absolute minimum you should consume on an average day, and you should have more than that on days when you exercise and/or sweat a lot.

I know it can be difficult, and I know that everyone’s situation is different. Here are a few suggestions to help:

If you have a water cooler where you work or you stay at home, you should be able to drink over a gallon each day easily. Just bring your favorite bottle and keep refilling it.

If you don’t have that luxury, you may need to bring a gallon jug from home (make it pretty if you need to).

Drink two cups of water first thing when you wake up. You WILL feel better.

If you’re scared of tap water, do some research on the water in your city and see if that is justified. If not, start drinking it! If it is, get a good filter unless you can afford a LOT of bottled water.


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