The Fitness Big Four

There is a nauseating amount of fitness information just lying all over the internet. You can fall down in it and never get back up, or you can focus on the few things that really matter and make progress. I want to help you see those important ones, and what the purpose of each of them is, on a very basic level.

Let’s do this.

Workouts: The WHY. Working out tells your body it needs to improve. To adapt to new challenges. It destroys parts of it so it sees a reason to come back stronger next time. Not unlike Anakin losing a hand to Dooku, and then returning to take off a much more vital piece of the old Count.

Nutrition: the WHAT. The fuel. You’ve given your body a reason to get better with training. Proper nutrition gives it the raw materials with which to rebuild. Without this, your training results will be negligible.

Rest: the WHEN. The training gives your body the reason to adapt, the nutrition gives it the materials, and the rest gives it the time. Sleep is a big part of this, as is allowing your systems to recover from your workouts before wrecking them again. This is too often neglected. Enjoy your rest and recovery time.

Mindset: the HOW. You can have a fancy workout plan, eat the right amounts of the right foods, and get 12 hours of sleep a night. But, if your mindset isn’t right in a few key areas, it probably won’t last long.

Obviously there’s a lot of elaborating to do on each of these, and I’ve already been diving into some of that info and will continue to do so. But you need to have the purposes of each of these in line before you start digging.

Remember, workouts tell your body WHY to adapt, nutrition gives it the WHAT to use, rest is WHEN it truly recovers and comes back stronger, and mindset is HOW to make this a lifestyle and not a cute phase.


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