Your Fitness Goal is Probably Too Shallow

A lot of times, our fitness goals are too shallow. A person who you would consider “shallow” is your friend Patty in high school who wouldn’t talk to a guy because he used too much hair gel. A shallow fitness goal is one that focuses only on the symptoms and not the cause.

Suppose I asked you “What is your fitness goal?” You may say something incredibly vague, like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to get fit.” Or, you may have thought about it a bit more than that and say something like “I’d like to lose x number of pounds,” “I want to run a marathon,” or “I want to see my abs.” That’s awesome, but when you say that, I am going to lovingly ask you “Why?” I may have to ask it a few times until we get to the source.

Think about this: What will losing 10 pounds really do for you? Sure, it can be a nice psychological boost, but it isn’t changing a lot. To illustrate to you what I am getting at, here is what a conversation between a new client and myself, lets name her Rey, would probably look like:

Me: “Hey there, Rey! What is your fitness goal? Where do you want to be in 6 months?”

Rey: “I want to lose 50 pounds.”

Me: “Well, that is a realistic and measurable goal, and that part of it is great. But why do you want to lose 50 pounds?”

Rey: “Well, I want to be more healthy and fit.”

Me: “An awesome goal for sure. But why do you want to be healthy and fit? What are your motivators for that? Be honest with me. Once I know this, I can truly help.”

Rey: “Well, alright. I don’t want to always feel like people are judging me when I’m out in public, and I don’t want to make excuses for not playing with my kids because I get winded too easily.”

Whoa! Now we are being honest and real, and now I know how to help you. How to build your program and to help you stay motivated. That’s because I now know your real goal, not the proxy you had sold in its place. I know what exit to get off on to reach our destination. Have you ever entered someplace into a GPS, and when you arrived, it was a filthy, boarded-up building? Let’s make sure we enter the right destination before we start the trip.

Want to feel more confident or less self-conscious? Want to be able to keep up with your friends who do Yoga together? Want to be the guy Patty will like? Tell me that.

Honesty is absolutely the best policy in this. Whether you are getting a fitness coach/personal trainer or are embarking on this alone, make sure you’re honest with everyone involved. Don’t have shallow fitness goals that lead you in the wrong direction. Aim for the reactor core, not the surface guns.


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