Think Functional, Not Fancy

Depending on who you know, follow, and listen to, you may feel the pressure to eat a certain way. You may think that, in order to eat healthy, you need to go organic, vegan, Paleo, Keto,…whatever pops up in your feeds the most.

But, the hard truth is that we sometimes use these things as excuses not to start. Because, if it really is as simple as eating the right amount and of calories and doing the right workouts for our goals, then we don’t really have a good reason to put it off, do we?

Listen, I’m not here to beat you up. I never want to be a fitness coach standing there with his arms crossed, scowling and making you squat on bosu balls. I want to help you see that progress is progress. That choosing to eat one less serving of something, getting one of your three workouts in, or swapping out a high-calorie snack for a lower-calorie one are victories that should be celebrated.

Stop thinking everything has to be so fancy. You don’t need the latest trendy workout plan or the current hipster diet fad. You need to be functional. To make changes in your life that you both can stick to, and will actually want to stick to. Because, truth be told, we are selfish creatures. And if we choose to shoot for something we hate, then we dramatically reduce our chances of success.

So, instead of thinking “I really ought to get up earlier and cook a healthy breakfast,” grab an apple and a pre-packaged protein shake and hit the road.

In your fitness journey-related decisions, think functional, not fancy.


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