Weekday Dieting

A quick illustration to show how “weekday dieting” will devastate your progress.

Mel has calculated her calories, and is crushing it Monday-Friday. She eats delicious food that she loves, and hits her 1800 calorie mark each day.

On Saturday, she has an entire day planned. She has a birthday party to go to in the morning, several things to do around the house after that, and is hoping to make it to a movie with some friends in the evening. She does her best on food, but she winds up consuming about 2900 calories after the cake and popcorn.

On Sunday, she doesn’t have a whole lot to do, but she has run out of all the food that she had prepped. She has plans to make some more this evening, so she just sort of tries to get in enough protein. Netflix binges are much better with snacks, and she had plenty, not thinking of the calories in her butter, sweet tea, or olive oil. She hits 3100 for Sunday.

All of this puts her at about a 2140 weekly average for calories, negating her deficit and slowing her progress.


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