Strength Training for Fat Loss

Maybe you almost passed over this post because you associate strength training (lifting weights, bodyweight workouts, anything with resistance) with bulking up, and that’s the opposite of what you’re shooting for right now. Thanks for being open-minded and giving it a read.

You’ve probably heard that if you want to exercise for fat-loss, then you just do offensive amounts of cardio. But I’d love to share with you two very quick reasons why resistance training is a great idea.

  1. Studies have shown that incorporating resistance training into your exercise regimen can significantly increase the rate at which you lose fat. Training with resistance burns lot of calories, and it kicks your metabolism into high gear so you continue burning some calories even after you workout.
  2. Your overall body composition will be improved as you lose fat. We’ve all seen, or maybe even been, the person who hit their goal weight, but looked nothing like what they’d hoped for. That’s probably because they weren’t engaging in any resistance training. If you’re muscles don’t have to work, then they have no reason to grow bigger or stronger. You can eat in a calorie deficit, even do cardio, but if you aren’t making your muscles work, they won’t take form in the way you’re probably hoping.

So, if you want to lose fat more quickly, and you want to have a lean, fit looking body when the fat’s gone, incorporate strength training in some shape or form into your regimen.

Need help getting one together? Message me, I’d love to help!


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