“Is It Bad To Eat at Night?”


A lot of people ask this. They feel so guilty about it, and are convinced that this is what sabotages their weight loss.

I’d like to blow up this superweapon of a myth with one single torpedo: Whether you lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same depends on how many calories you eat, not when you eat them.

Now, there is a scenario where this can be an issue, and it looks something like this: Ricardo works in an office, and is insanely busy all day. He often has something quick for breakfast, something nearby for lunch, and is ravenous when he gets home in the evening. So, he eats dinner, does whatever else he needs to do, and starts snacking on things like chips and sweets.

He can one hundred percent have these foods and still lose weight. The problem is that these sorts of snacks are typically high-calorie, and so he winds up consuming more calories than he expended that day. He doesn’t lose weight because he ate too many calories, not because he had a late night Netflix snack session.

So, if you want to eat late at night, there is nothing wrong with that, and you can absolutely lose weight doing it. The trick is to know roughly how many calories you burn each day, set a number under that, and stick to that consistently.

Comment with questions, I’m happy to help!



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