Thoughts on the Christian Music Controversy

One of my good friends sent me an article this week about what the writer called the “heresy”‘ prevalent in Christian music.  

I’ve heard a lot about this lately, but his sending me the article made me stop and think and forced me to engage it directly. 

This article and others like it drop some big names. We aren’t talking about Jedi like Quenlan Vos here; ones that you only know if you’re a Star Wars fan. We’re talking household names like Luke Skywalker. Artists like Hillsong, Jesus Culture, Matt Maher…people and bands who have penned songs that we sing in our worship services. 

Here is the link to the article he sent me. Below is a revision of my response to him. It is “revised” because he made some good points that made me think and definitely made me not want to be misheard. 
I have a few different thoughts on this:
1. Completely and totally agree that church leaders and Christians in general need much more discernment and care when it comes to what we promote to others, especially to new Christians, etc. Agree also that just because a certain song is theologically sound doesn’t mean we should use it because it may lead people in our churches to go and listen to that artist and be misled by some lyrics in their other songs. We need much more care with this. 

2. There is definitely a place for cynicism and a prophetic voice that speaks the truth, Jesus used it for sure. But I am always a bit wary when an article has a harsh tone. I have observed over the years that most of the articles that I one hundred percent agree with are ones that strike a good balance between truth and love. My concern here is two-fold. 

A). First, we as Christians have a tendency to shoot our own. I wonder if other believers have followed the principles in Matthew 18 of approaching those in error before blasting the “heresy” word on social media. It is entirely possible that these artists are not doing this with malicious intent, but are deceived or lacking discernment themselves. Not saying we shouldn’t give the warning, just concerned for the artists as well. What would make you reconsider your actions more? Another Christian who you trust approaching you lovingly about the issue, or siting in your favorite chair at home and spotting an article that calls you names. 

B.) I also think that at times we are too extreme with what we denounce. After all, only a Sith deals in absolutes. In all seriousness though, there are some things that need to be absolutely rejected. I’m note sure this is one of those. I think there is a place for some of these songs in the private workship lives of some believers who can discern between a good song and a bad one by the same artist. 

These are just a few thoughts I have on this. Curious what everyone else thinks?


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