We’re All Different

We as humans want so badly to fit into boxes. To belong to certain categories. We rebel against it and say “Don’t label us,” but we often then apply those same titles to ourselves. 

I think that we do this for two reasons. First, because it gives us a sense of belonging. Everyone wants to belong to a group, and receiving a label, especially in our day of social media, achieves that instantly. This isn’t always a bad thing; as a matter of fact I think that we have some of this hard wired into us for a purpose. 

The second reason that I think we do it is because categorization helps us to simplify a ridiculously complicated life a bit. If I can just say “I’m a power lifter,” then I just might be off the hook when someone asks me what I do for cardio.

There are definitely some things that are wise to  do this with; I actually do it with as many things as I can! But I think there are some categories that not everyone fits into, and I want to encourage you to not feel like you don’t  have a place just because you don’t fit neatly into certain boxes. 

Here’s an example: It seems like most people classify themselves as introverts or extroverts, but I have never been able to choose a side. I always see elements of both within myself. 

All I want to get across here is this: don’t try too hard to be just one thing. Let it come naturally. 


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