How to Make it Through a Day With Little to No Sleep

Those nights happen. Maybe some noise is keeping you up, you have too much on your mind, or you got a little too into a show, but you couldn’t sleep much at all and you still have responsibilities the next day. Below are a few things that have personally helped me on these days:

  1. Caffeine: Obviously. But you can do this wrong! If you drink too much on very little sleep, it actually makes your situation worse. It can make you jittery, lightheaded, and even nauseated. I have about 100MG in pill form before I even leave the house, have a cup of coffee once I get to work (I have a long commute), another after lunch, and a final one at about 4:30. Staggering the intake is what I’ve learned works for me to keep me alert but not puking. 
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetables: I don’t know the science behind it other than the obvious vitamins that they provide, but I just eat as many as I can on these days. They help. 
  3. Getting outside: If it’s nice weather, being in the sun and breathing the fresh air on my lunch break helps give me a second wind. Plus I always hear interesting stuff at the tables next to me. Last week, I listened to a salesman try to push some brush net on two women, one of whom was very passionate about becoming a mortician. 
  4. Do as little as you can without looking lazy: We all know we make way more mistakes when we are tired. If I can put off an important task until the next day when I’m rested, I do it. 
  5. Pills: I take my vitamins pretty much every day, but occasionally I miss one. I make sure days when I’m tired are not one of those. I also take an Ibuprofin if I feel even the  slightest tension in my head to prevent the headache later. Tiredness and headaches love to team up. Don’t let them in the ring at the same time. 

Hope these help!


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