I’m Not Him

I’ve shared it before; I want to fix everything. I want to be the superhero. And it’s not just for the glory, although that can get in the way at times. It’s because I legitimately want to mend things that are broken. To heal people who are sick. To help those who are hurting. To make everything right again. 
But what God is teaching me is that I can’t fix most of the big problems, I just don’t have that kind of power. I can just play my part in doing the little things that contribute. I can send a text, give a smile, buy a meal, share a message. 
And I can pray to the One who has the power to make real strides. 
I’m not the guy with the symbol on his chest saving the city; that’s Jesus. I’m just the random dude in the background that helps one lady off the ground. 


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