Dialing In: Rest Times

Some people go into the gym, blast through their workouts, and leave. 

Others, such as myself, use the rest times between sets to accomplish lingering tasks on their phone. I’m a huge fan of using every moment to the max, so the idea of just sitting there for 3-5 minutes raises my heart rate. I know it’s a problem. I’m typically writing, texting, replying to emails, etc between sets. 

Yet, sometimes, I realize that I’ve become so encompassed with my work that I’ve allowed 11 minutes to pass! 

The solution I’ve found is to set alarms on my phone or set my stopwatch to tell me when to hit the next set. It’s definitely cutting down my gym time, which is awesome. Shorter rests also keep your heart rate up. 

This doesn’t just have to apply to workouts, though. Sometimes we take “breaks” in our day that end up taking more like “quits”.  Set timers and commit to doing what they tell you! You’ll be glad you did. 

Just one example of how I’m trying to “dial in” parts of my life that I’ve let slip a bit. Hopefully it helps you do the same!


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