Bert and the Information Regurgitation

Bert has everything going for him in his supercharged life, but his health is in decline. He eats whatever’s closest and most convenient, and the only workouts he gets are his walks to and from his car. He realizes that he can’t sustain his fast life forever in his current physical condition, so he decides to get in shape. Running a quick search for a workout plan, Bert downloads the first one he finds, and signs up for a gym membership.

He hits the gym on a packed out Monday morning, decides to do his leg day because everyone else is doing chest, and sets up in the squat rack. He’s done some warm ups like the plan said and begins to load the bar up with what he thinks he can lift for 4-6 reps. Suddenly,  some stud in a tank top, obviously lurking in the shadows watching the past few moments, materializes out of nowhere and says “Hey boss, you never want to get to parallel on your squats; it’ll ruin your knees.”

Bert takes stock of the specimen before him. Not the most impressive physique he’s ever seen, but it’s obvious his new advisor works out. So Bert just says “Thanks,” and embarks on wasteful journey of partial squats. It isn’t until eight months later when he happens upon a Facebook post written by a DPT that he learns how much progress he’s left on the table thanks to the advice he so unquestioningly accepted. He has even shared that advice with a few friends who started working out since. 

Bert has fallen victim to a terrible sickness that we’ll call the “Information Regurgitation”. I want to spend a few posts writing about this. 


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