Update on Training

It’s been several months since I switched my training to focus more on strength, so it seems like a good time for an update. I still plan to do a Powerlifting meet in the not too distant future, so I employed my version of the Texas Method to get ready. Here, I will show my progress first, then mention the changes that I made and why. This is in the hope of helping someone with similar goals. 


I will only update my progress on the three powerlifting lifts here, but will be happy to tell of improvement on any of the other lifts if anyone wants to know. The first numbers show what I was lifting at the end of March 2016, which is when I started this plan. The last number shows what my new current PR is as of the end of July 2016, 4 months later. 

Bench Press:

  • March: 235 for 5 reps
  • July: 280 for 2 reps


  • March: 355 for 3 reps
  • July: 390 for 2 reps


  • March: 225 for 5 reps
  • July: 280 for 2 reps


  1. The first change that I made was to make two separate Intensity days. Trying to set a new personal record on deadlifts and squats on the same day is a bit difficult for me, I think because I dislike squats so much. 
  2. The second change was a result of the first really. With two different intensity days now ( one for Squats and Bench, one for Deadlifts), I made some modifications to ensure that I had enough recovery time. To do this, I scrapped the “Light Day” and added in pull-ups to Intensity Day 1 and added Shoulder Presses to Intensity day 2. 
  3. I sometimes only do abs and calves twice a week now instead of 3 times.  This and some other things may have to be cut a bit because our workouts for my job are a bit more demanding now and I have to leave some recovery time in. 

Here is how it looks now: 

Friday (Volume Day 1):

Squat 5*5, 
Romanian Deadlift 3*5

Barbell Curls 3*5

Barbell Shrugs 3*5

Captains of Crush hand grippers (at a different time of the day, usually at work). 

Saturday (Volume Day 2)

Flat Bench Press 5*5

Barbell Rows 3*5

Incline Bench Press 3*5

Weighted Dips 3*5


Abs and calves (this changes up a little, so I won’t list it all here. Comment if you want more info). 
Hand grippers


Rest Day

Tuesday (Intensity Day 1):

Squat 1*5
Bench 1*5

Pull-ups (3 sets to failure)

Hand grippers at different time of the day. 

Wednesday (Intensity Day 2)

Deadlifts 2*3

Overhead Press 3*5


Abs and Calves 

My squat is still not the best, but I am really trying to focus on boosting the numbers on it as quickly as possible. Let me know what you think!


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