Trust Me

Trust is a funny thing. We trust things every day without even thinking about it. We trust our jobs to pay us for our work, our cars to get us to work, and our families to be there when we get home from work. But trust is important in so many ways. 
In my workouts, I have done extensive research to ensure that my training is conducive to my goals. I want to make sure that I put in the work and build a program that I can rely on to get me where I want to go. I make it, and then I follow it every day trusting in the process. 
God’s Word is similar. I have heard people say things like “How can I trust a book that has been around for thousands of years?” Well, aside from the fact that the Bible is amazingly well-preserved and we know this from several ancient manuscripts that have been found, it requires trust. We can prove that the Bible has kept the same message over the years, but we can’t prove that it was written by God through men. That requires trust and faith. But you know what? So does not believing it. You are trusting your own judgement and rationale instead of what God says, and that leaves a lot of questions unanswered. I found a great article about how we can trust the Bible. Here is an excerpt from it that is relevant to our discussion:

“Denying God’s existence takes an even bigger leap of faith because the questions raised in the Bible still demand to be answered. Those who discount the Bible must supply answers themselves to countless questions with no ready answers, such as those dealing with the meaning of life and the complexity of design seen in the universe. Many who choose to trust something other than the Bible must finally agree with atheist Bertrand Russell, who concluded that, if life beyond the grave is a myth, then life before the grave has no meaning.” . 

We all place our trust in something. All I want is for you to ask yourself if you are trusting in the right things. Don’t just accept what you hear smart people say. Think for yourself. Get your questions answered. Be relentless in it. 


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