Quick Update

Happy Friday! I just wanted to leave a quick life update here. 

First, I apologize for the infrequent posts. I am currently working to get my resumè together as well as focusing my study on Scriptures that relate to pastoral ministry. I am trying to get a solid understanding of what the “job description” is according to God’s Word. It actually lays it out quite clearly; from qualifications and purpose to the work involved. I find this an important study to undertake because I think that what it really means to pastor can get easily lost in such a busy culture as ours. I will post a draft of my studies  at a later time. 

Also, I postponed my first powerlifting meet. I realized that it was going to cost our family a large chunk of money between membership fees, entry fees, travel, hotels and more.  I had been saving the money up for all of this, but I realized that the money could be better spent on something the whole family could benefit from. We went out Thursday evening and bought supplies for camping! I think this will be something we all enjoy because we all love to be outside and Maura Jade loves open spaces that make her constant movement possible. 

More to come and have a great Memorial Day!


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