Review: Rep Fitness Adjustable FID Weight Bench 

Maegan and I don’t buy much for ourselves. I wear the same clothes for years at a time before buying new ones, and while I have an Amazon wish list, it is not often that anything actually gets purchased off of it. This year, out of our income tax, I purchased a Power Rack (the review for that will come soon) and a new adjustable weight bench. While quality flat (non-adjustable) benches are significantly cheaper, I wanted to purchase one that would fulfill every use both my wife and I would need out of a bench. I use it for not only flat bench press, but also incline and ab workouts. My wife uses it also for the workouts that she does. I am a big fan of paying for one product that serves multiple purposes, so I decided an adjustable FID (Flat, Incline, Decline) bench was for me. 

This decision  led to my doing a significant amount of research on different benches, and a few rose to the top. The Rep Fitness one won the match and appeared to suit my needs perfectly, and so far it has almost completely done that. This is not a huge name company, but I am always on the lookout for businesses that provide quality products and excellent Customer Service.  So, here is the breakdown.


  • This bench is SOLID! It feels commercial grade, even on the incline setting. It has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, so it should last a long time. I’ll be pretty happy on the day that this bench can’t hold what I bench. 
  • It is easy to assemble. It comes partially assembled, and it would only too me about an hour to complete the process. I am definitely not a very mechanically inclined person. This would probably take the majority of people less time than that to assemble fully.
  • It has wheels, so, while it is not the lightest bench, it is pretty easy to move around even in the middle of your workout when you are gasping for air.  
  • The ladder (how you adjust the angle of the bench) is one solid piece of steel. This seems rare in benches in it’s price range. 
  • The seat adjusts! If you have ever tried to incline bench on a seat that stays flat, you know how helpful this feature is. It prevents you from sliding down and keeps your focus where it should be. 


  • The only real con that I have about the bench is that the design of the foot holders is not ideal. I use them solely to hold my feet in place while I do ab workouts such as weighted crunches, and it just feels a little awkward. It feels like they are placed a bit too low, and it does create a bit of an awkward feeling (for me at least) in my back when I descend and ascend. 
  • The only other con is that the bench costs about 300 dollars. I got it for 267 from the Rep Fitness Website with a military discount. For a cheapo like me, it’s tough to spend that money. But it will be worth it and, when you compare the price of quality home gym equipment like this with a gym membership and gas driving back and forth to said gym, it really is not so bad. 

Conclusion: I love this bench, and I would recommend it to almost anyone. The only people who may want to look elsewhere are people who would rely heavily on a bench like this for decline ab work. Otherwise, if you feel you should spend the money, get this! You won’t be sorry. 


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