Review: Pur Gum

In the health and fitness world, things can get pretty confusing. You might actually have two different “experts” give you totally opposing  answers to the same question. One of the things we hear frequently is to avoid certain foods. These foods may supposedly be linked to cancer, cause excess fat storage, or have too any ingredients. For a simpleton like me, this much information makes my head spin.  One  such confusing, and often talked about issue is the the artificial sweetener known as Aspertame. 

Aspertame has been accused of causing many health problems. While this article states that no evidence has been found that can conclusively link the use of it to cancer or many of the other issues it has been accused of, I thought it best to minimize the use of it just in case. Chewing gum is one of the main products that Aspertame can be found in. 

I chew gum all the time. I am constantly talking with people at my job, so I chew gum. I tend to grit my teeth when I lift weights, so I chew gum. This led to a dilemma for me, so when I discovered Pur gum, I was enthralled.  Instead of Aspertame, Pur uses a sweetener called Xylitol. According to this article at, “tooth decay happens when bacteria in your mouth consume the sugars we eat.” These bacteria cannot digest Xylitol, and it prevents them from sticking to our teeth. Xylitol can also help repair tooth enamel!

Long story short, gums sweetened with xylitol, such as Pur,have health benefits, while Aspertame-sweetened gums have health risks. 

There are two possible downsides to Pur however:

  1. If you have bad breath often, Pur may not help freshen it as much as you are used to with other gums. 
  2. The flavor does not remain very intense for very long. It maintains a trace of flavor for a significant amount of time and it does not turn to complete mush in your mouth like some other gums, but it does lose some flavor over time. 

This gum is definitely worth a shot. It can be purchased on Amazon. Let me know if you try it!


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