My Current Fitness Habits


Good morning!

I just wanted to share a few of the fitness habits I am employing at the moment. Most of them are suggested by fitness author Mike Matthews whose work I have mentioned previously. I am currently trying to lose some of the body fat that I put on when I was really working on getting stronger. My original plan was to try not to be in a very extreme calorie defecit, but I have since learned that it is better to try and just get rid of the fat as quickly as possible in order to continue increasing in strength with while minimizing fat storage. I hope some of these help!

  1. Lift in the 4-6 rep range on almost all lifts (except abs and calves, for which I do 8-12 rep range and/or failure). 
  2. Follow Bigger, Leaner, Stronger weight lifting plan. 
  3. Stay in a 20 percent calorie deficit and get 20% of calories from fat, 40% from carbs, 40% from protein. 
  4. Ab sets weighted and to failure 3 times a week. 
  5. Go up on squats every week on weight and/or reps (I have previously slacked on squats). 
  6. Supplements: I use whey protein (to ensure I get enough protein), creatine (for recovery and a little boost to strength and muscle gains), and pre-workout (of which I make my own, to go a little harder in my workouts. For where I stand on caffeine see this  article. For what I have used for my pre-workout, see here.) Also, I use Legion Athletics Phoenix fat burner until it runs out. 
  7. Get 8 hours sleep a night as often as possible. 
  8. 30-40 grams of carbs and 20-40 grams protein 30 min before workout. (Protein powder and a banana  with nonfat milk. This definitely increases my strength during the workouts and helps me to keep my workouts consistent). 
  9. Eat 40-50 grams protein in post workout meal.
  10. Greek yogurt before bed (for the casein).
  11. Eat twice the carbs one day a week for “refeed day” to restore glycogen levels. 
  12. Workout when I’m strongest (for me, this is anytime after around 1 o’clock p.m.)
  13. Train weak points for a few extra sets a week  at a slightly higher rep range(chest and legs for me). 

My training and nutrition are constantly evolving, but these are my current habits for fat loss. Let me know what you think!


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