How to Use Caffeine Correctly

I am a caffeine addict. If I don’t have some to start off my day, a downward spiral ensues. First, I feel like I can’t get started on anything because my brain feels foggy and my body feels weak.  This fogginess and weakness leads into grumpiness. Finally, a dull headache takes over my skull and I become a less desirable person to be around nearly every hour. I have sworn to break the habit multiple times and have successfully done so at least once, but something has always come up that I have decided I need caffeine to get through. If I remember correctly, my real use of caffeine started in college. It continued when I had to work early, when my daughter wouldn’t sleep through the night, when I had to work twelve hour shifts…something always comes up. 

I don’t think caffeine is bad. In fact, I believe that God has a purpose for everything He put here (although some things are used for the wrong purposes). The way I want to use caffeine is as a supplement rather than as something that I depend on. I want to use it to get me psyched for workouts on days that I’m not feeling it. I want to use it to help me be alert and creative when I have to write a long paper. But when I consume it to the level that I currently do, my tolerance for it is far too high to really even have much of an effect. Not to mention the fact that as a Christian, I do not want to be totally dependent on anything but the Lord. 

I am not quitting caffeine. Instead, I am using it wisely. Already this week I switched my morning coffee to green tea made with three tea bags. I will do that for a week, then move down to two tea bags. Finally, I will only use one, and possibly none after that. If I can get to a point where I can start my day well with no stimulant coursing through my veins, then I stand a chance to use this the way I believe it was intended; not as a crutch, but as a tool. 


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