CrossFit and the Importance of Consistency

For about two years, I was an avid CrossFitter. I did the daily WODs, preached the Paleo diet, and thought I had found the key to fitness. But I was wrong.  

I realize that some CrossFitters have structured programs, but if you follow the WODs (Workout of the Day) that they post on their site, you will not see nearly the change in your physical fitness that you would if you followed a more focused program. The problem with it is a lack of consistency. I am far from my fitness goals, but I built around 35 pounds of muscle by following a routine. I walk into the gym week after week to perform the same movement; attempting to add weight and/or reps every week on each lift. The same applies to endurance athletes, body builders, etc. They have a program which they follow and continually improve upon. 

While I absolutely love most of the workouts that CrossFit promotes, the lack of consistency greatly diminishes the benefits. Following the WODs on the site or at the gym, I might perform the bench press on Tuesday and not do so again until 3 weeks later. I might run two miles on Friday and only do short sprints in the way of running for the next month. While any exercise is better than none, I feel that if I am going to spend time doing something then I want to receive the maximum benefit for it. For me, CrossFit does not provide that. Of course, my goal is building my strength. If your goal is just a sort of overall, broad fitness, then CrossFit may be worth a shot. 

This is just another lesson that we can learn in fitness that applies to our relationship with God as well. I believe that God designed our physical bodies, like everything else He created, to point us to Him. If I spend time studying God’s Word or praying only sporadically, my effectiveness for His Kingdom will be sporadic. As Christians, we fight a battle against ourselves and against the influences all around us. If we do not stay plugged into our “power source”, then we will fail more often than we win in our struggle to be like Christ and to lead others to Him. My challenge to you is to find what things are most important to you in life and focus on those things for a while until you make them habits. We already have so many things we are forced to focus on, let’s make the best of what free time we have. Spend real time with God in His Word and prayer. Make consistent time with your family. Make a solid workout and eating plan and stick to it so that it becomes a habit and not a distraction. Be relentless about being consistent. 


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