Cleaning Things Up

The first thing that I want to note here is that this is not a legalistic tirade about how all Christians should not participate in the activities I will mention. I believe with my whole heart that I am forgiven of my sins because of Jesus’ sacrifice for me and not because of any actions of my own other than trusting in Him. Neutral things like television and music are just that, neutral. They can go either way, and we have some freedom here with many of these things. What I am writing here is about my personal experience in the past few weeks and the impact it has had on my life. Around the last week of May, I decided to take a break from watching television. I had been watching three of four shows every week. While this may not sound like much to many people, you have to understand a little bit about me. I have a bit of an addictive personality, and I think a lot about the things that I spend my time watching, reading, listening to, etc. If my wife and I go to a movie, she patiently listens while I tear the movie, its plots, and its sub-plots down on the ride home. When I watch a T.V. show like “The Flash,” I  spend the next 30 minutes researching how that storyline fits into what occurred in the comics (I spent too much of my childhood watching pro-wrestling and not enough on comics). All that to say that my mind is not finished with the show once the show is over. I found myself spending surprising amounts of time thinking about things  that, while fun, had absolutely no productivity involved. Knowing all the lightsaber colors doesn’t help anyone in their lives. Now, about a month later, I find myself engulfed again in God’s Word, in prayer, in walking with him and researching things I don’t understand and finding ways to serve and help others. It is almost as though I had replaced God in certain areas of my life, This is not to say that I am going to smash my Vizio, but it does mean that if and when I begin watching T.V again, it will be much more moderated. I believe that television, movies, etc can definitely be used for good and can have an impact on people. I just think that we have to weigh what is most important. Once T.V. was gone, other things followed. I stopped scrolling Facebook so much and, at my wife’s suggestion, I am trying 30 days of only Christian music. Every item I remove winds up replaced by something good and productive. I am reading the Bible and articles and books that enrich my faith and knowledge instead of learning more obscure Villans in the Marvel Universe. I am having more meaningful time with my family that creates memories rather than watching a show together and trying to keep the baby occupied so we can hear. Life is better. I think I might stay a while.


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