A New and Better Perspective 

  Sometimes we need to slow down and think about why we do what we do. Often in our busy lives, we continue doing things the same way because it takes time and effort to come up with something new. Other times, the inverse is true; we don’t stop and think because we know if we do then we will need to make a change. I have known for a while that a large portion of my fitness goals have been driven by vanity. Sure, there are health reasons to have a low body fat percentage. But if I’m honest, 90 percent of the reason I want that is just to look good and feel good about myself. While confidence is most definitely not wrong or sinful, vanity is; and I think most of us know the difference when it comes to our own motives. As a result, I am going to simply stay in a very slight calorie surplus for a good while and increase my strength which is actually useful in life. When I begin to notice that a little more fat than I believe is good or healthy is showing up, I will put myself in a very slight calorie deficit until I lose it. I am talking about fluctuating by no more than 250-500 calories at any given time. This gives some stability to my life, which is good because I like simplicity (a lot).  No more extremes for me when it comes to calories. Because if I’m honest, vanity is the only reason that I do it. 


2 thoughts on “A New and Better Perspective 

  1. Insightful post about why a lot of us want to lose weight! Please stop by and check out my blog at iamperfectlymade.com


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