I hope that this site is helping someone out there. It is worth it even if it is only one! I just wanted to share my personal fitness progress on here. When I started the site, I was 168 pounds at probably around 20 percent body fat. I was still pretty fresh off of most of my newbie weightlifting gains, and had just recently begun experimenting with the bulking and cutting strategy. It is safe to say that my first attempt at that was unsuccessful. You see, I have a tendency to be a black or white kind of person, which for many things in life is great! Bulking is not one of those however, which I found out as I automatically increasedy calories way too much and put on much more body fat than I wanted. Upon noticing this, I immediately began a cut in which I restricted  my calories far too much and began noticeably losing muscle!  Attempt number two has been much more successful. I bulked until I hit 180 without adding too much fat, and am now on week 2 of a cut. I am down to 172 and just cut calories a bit more tonight to accommodate the fat loss. I am seeing little to no muscle loss, and am becoming visibly more lean. I am currently supplementing with creatine monohydrate, whey protein, a multivitamin, fish oil, and a fat burner called Phoenix from Legion Supplements. I am lifting 5 days a week. The current weight on my main lifts (for 4-6 reps) are as follows. Bench Press: 235. Deadlift: 315. Overhead Press: 165. Squat: 215. Bicep Curls: 95. Weighted Dips: 105.  The thing that anyone with any lifting experience will probably notice is that my Squat is way less than it should be. I have some weird mental block with squats. I know that they are one of the best workouts a person can do, but for some reason I just hate doing them! It’s time to push harder on them. I will update on that later. Once I get my squat to 295, I plan to move into phase two of my current workout program. I will say that the crazy high-protein intake is probably more responsible than anything else for the success of the current cutting phase. I consume around 200 grams per day, which is far more than I have ever consumed on a consistent basis. All in all things are going well. I want to focus on being healthy and able to handle whatever life throws my way!

 More to come!


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