I have never understood fully why Jesus had to die. I knew that God is holy. I knew that we are the opposite. I knew that one sin was enough to separate us from God because of this. But why require blood? Why lambs and birds and sacrifice. Ultimately, why his Son? I knew all of what I am about to say, but it all comes together now. God made us. We turned our backs on him almost immediately. We spit in his face and walked away. But he didn’t want us to walk away. He didn’t want to give up on us. He could have said “I forgive you” every time and saved everyone. I don’t know why he didn’t give up, because I know that I myself as a human am hopeless without Him. I am a broken sinner and that will not change while I am alive on this earth. I also don’t know why, if he wanted to forgive, he didn’t just make a good for all time and for everyone pardon. What I do know is that God created us, and when we sin, it creates a debt. He created us perfectly, and we messed that up. We owe him everything. When we sin, we drive a wedge between us and Him. We take away what he made. We owe him a debt because of this. But because we cannot do anything to make up for our sin nor can we stop sinning in the future, we cannot repay that debt. That is why Jesus means everything. He is a man. And He is God. No mere man could pay the debt. But God could pay for the debt for man. So He became one. And he shed His own blood as the final sacrifice. Now, if we understand that we are sinners who owe God a debt, and that we are unable to pay that debt but that Jesus did pay it, then we can be brought back to Him. That is the meaning of redemption.  A person is redeemed by trusting that what Jesus did is enough to redeem him and by being so affected by that truth that his life does a 180. He repents of his sin and lives in response to what the Lord has done. He died for us and paid for our sins, and he proved that by rising from the dead. The man who was God was the only one who could pay the debt. And He did.


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