Review: BSN Syntha Six Whey Protein (and sample packs)


I have been using Syntha Six for about 2 months now, and I can honestly say I like it a lot. I have tried both the “Chocolate Cake Batter” and the “Cookies and Cream” flavors. They both taste delicious, and Syntha Six probably mixes better than any other protein powder I have used in the past. It provides 22 grams of protein per scoop. It is one of the higher quality powders, but it is definitely affordable. Currently on Amazon, you can get a 5 pound tub for under $50, not to mention the deals they constantly run, especially for military.  BSN is a company that I have begun to like a lot. Both times that we ordered the protein, we got a ten day supply of other products that they make including N.O. X-plode (their pre-workout) and CellMass (their post workout recovery product.) At first I wasn’t impressed with N.O. X-plode, but I was also exhausted and have a ridiculously high caffeine tolerance (that article is on the way). When I used it after I had a little more rest, I liked it much more. It provides a clean energy rush that lasts throughout the workout. I really liked Cell-Mass from the first time I tasted it. I thought that the flavor was delicious. I can’t speak a lot to how much it reduces soreness because I am not usually very sore after my workouts these days, but I can say that taking these products together, I noticed a bit of a difference in my physique after the ten days. I would definitely recommend giving Syntha Six a try. I switched from a cheap Wal-Mart brand, and I actually save money buying Syntha Six. Let me know what you think of it below!


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