What is Missing?


One of the biggest problems that people who are striving for a healthy body encounter is a lack of determination. They have motivation; constantly  thinking of the confidence they will have and the new things they will be able to do. They have a plan; often writing out meal plans and workout calenders. What they lack is determination. One of the main points of the book of James is that faith without works is dead. By this, he means that if your life does not reflect what you say you believe, then your faith is not real. This verse has absolutely nothing to do with physical fitness, but as I read it in light of this blog, a connection formed. Applied to physical fitness, this logic shows that a plan without action is dead. Motivation and planning are good; even necessary, but without the follow through, they are worthless. Each of us must find a way to be absolutely relentless. A way to force ourselves through leg day after an absolutely ridiculous twelve hours at work. A way to go for that dreaded morning run when your legs are wrecked from aforementioned leg day. This path may be difficult, but it exists, and it is different for everyone. Mine is simple: I know that I will feel horrible if I miss workouts or if I eat too much junk food. I feel bad, and then I get grumpy, and then my family gets grumpy, and it all goes downhill from there. I realize that it is not that simple for everyone, and I wish I had an answer for you as to what it is. All I know is that there is a way. God never calls us to do something that is completely impossible. No matter the cost, find that way. Ask Him for wisdom; He likes to give it. (James 1:5). (I like James)


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