New Years Resolutions?

IMG_20150102_200436_421(1)I hear a lot of people reject New Years Resolutions. The reason they give is similar to the ones for not dieting. They may say something like “I want a lifestyle change, not a fad.” While I agree with that principle, I think that these resolutions can be good things if they are backed up with grit and determination. You must decide that this is something you will push through no matter what. It is not just a “new start”, it is indeed a lifestyle change. Here are mine:
1. Make time to spend in the Bible and in prayer daily.
2.  Give a completely whole foods diet a shot for two weeks and see how it affects me. My wife and I doing this one together.

I want to use my first resolution to show a potential downfall. I like to have my time with the Lord in the morning. In the past, if I have overslept or chosen to do something else instead, then I have not made it up later in the day. The way to show determination with this is to not go to bed until I have had that time. And that is what I will do.

I challenge you to identify your potential downfalls and come up with a solution to them.

Be relentless!


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