Hi, I’m Brandon.  I’m a 28 year old Christian, husband, father, pastor, and personal trainer. I live in Brooklyn, NY, where I serve as the English Pastor at a Chinese church.

I am previously a gamer, paintball player, and novice break-dancer (the word “previous” here is due to my aforementioned family life, which I would not trade for a year full of double XP weekends or a lifetime supply of paint-balls).

This is me in a food fight. My calves have also been coming along since this picture was taken. Don’t judge.

I also love to workoutI lift weights five times a week and follow an increasingly rigorous eating plan. I get some cardiovascular training in because of lifting heavy weights and just living in NYC!

I believe that Christians have a responsibility to take care of their physical bodies. I believe in God’s Word in its entirety, and I fight daily to live it out in every area of my life. I am 5’8″ and am currently around 175 pounds. Before I began lifting weights and eating properly, I weighed in at 135 pounds! I am both a passionate and a simple person, which means that I need to pick a few things to be passionate about. I am passionate about seeing people know, be changed by, and share Jesus Christ, and I am passionate about physical health. This site and my services are an attempt to put those two things together. 

I have heard it said that every Christian needs to “pick a fight” with something. Here is mine: As ministers, we so often put ourselves last. In a way that’s a good thing, but we can only do it for so long. Neglect your prayer life or time in the Word, and you run out of stuff to give. Neglect your physical health, and you seriously hinder your effectivenessI can tell you personally that when I take care of my body, I have more energy for ministry, I get sick less often, and I think more clearly. I’m not saying we all need to look like Arnold in Conan, but I am saying that we are called to care for ourselves.

The “How it Works” Page goes more in depth on my program, but essentially it is designed to help busy pastors, planters, and ministers of all flavors get into the best shape of their lives at a reasonable price. If I can provide for my family while at the same time helping others become better versions of themselves and become more effective for His Kingdom, then that sounds like a win! If this sounds good to you, then check out the How it Works page next.